How to get Free Toys:

First of all, welcome to my website! I am really glad you came here so I can share with you how I get toys for absolutely free, and how you can get them too. Now, lets cut to the chase:

So you want free toys. Great! You came to the right place!

The way you will be getting free toys is by going to a website called Points2Shop. Points2Shop is a great place where everything is free. Basically all you do is earn points, choose a prize and let the site ship it to you, absolutely free of charge. You may be asking yourself how on earth do you get points. Well there is a couple of ways. Below you will see a few ways you can earn points.

Playing Games: Playing games is a gamble. What you do is basically bet points, and then you play the game against another player. Whoever wins will win about twice the the amount of points that you gambled in the game. Points2Shop has many fun games that are easy to play, and they will help you rack up points.

Completing Surveys and Offers: Completing surveys and offers is another easy and enjoyable way to earn points. There are literally thousands of surveys and offers to choose from and complete. Some offers take a while but get you a lot of points. Others take minutes and get you not as many points. There are also offers where you can download programs. These offers are very easy and give you lots of points. You can always delete the software after you download it, too.

Just by Signing Up: Just by signing up, you will automatically earn 250 points. Since each point is worth one US penny, you get $2.50 for free! It's that simple!

OK, so now you have some information on Points2Shop and how it works. Now give me the toys! Hold on, hold on, we're almost there. First you need to know how to choose your prize and get it shipped to you. Basically you go to the prizes section and search for the toy you want. You can also search for anything else, from video games to candy. Since the prizes are provided by, you can basically get anything you want. So now that you found the prize that you want, add it to your cart. After that, check out. If you haven't done so already, you are going to need to give Points2Shop some info, such as your address. They do not share it with anybody, but they need it so they can ship the prize you have picked out to you.

And basically that's it. So now go get a free 250 points and start getting free toys in no time by clicking here!